2019 Media & Elections Guide

2019 edition of the “Media and Elections Guide” published by ECES/PROSES and the Afghanistan’s National Journalists Union (ANJU), with a special section on electoral integrity.

Within the framework of the European Union funded Project in Support of Enhanced Sustainability and Electoral Integrity (PROSES) in Afghanistan, the European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES), in collaboration with the Afghanistan's National Journalists Union (ANJU), has developed the 2019 edition of the "Media and Elections Guide" for journalists and media stakeholders. The guide focuses on the 2019 Presidential election and includes a robust chapter on Electoral integrity, as well as  sections on Female journalists and women participation, Facts and figures, the 2019 amendments to the 2016 electoral law, electoral offences and crimes, media regulations, the voting procedures, media access to polling stations on election day,  and specific security issues associated with media coverage of elections. 1000 copies of the "Media and Elections Guide" have been printed in Dari and Pashto and distributed in a majority of provinces in Afghanistan. The soft copy versions of the guide in English, Dari and Pashto are online on ECES (www.eces.eu) ECES/PROSES (www.democracy-support.eu/afghanistan) and ANJU (www.anju.af) websites.

2019 Media & Elections Guide - English