ECES Profile

ECES has the pleasure to announce the publication of its ECES Organisational Profile.

The Profile provides a thorough overview of the foundation, its history, activities and personnel.

Since its inception dating back to 2010, ECES has evolved into becoming a global actor in the electoral support field attributed to its strong result attainment, at organisational and implementation level.  

The Profile is meant to draw up the key pillars of ECES identity as a foundation and the activities and projects ECES has undertaken. The experiences of the fast-growing years of 2011-2018, have formed a solid foundation on which ECES rests today. 


The Profile is divided into eleven sections namely:



  • ECES mission and vision (“Our History”);
  • Data and figures about ECES and its achievements (“Facts &Figures), which gives a snap shot of ECES growth illustrated by numbers;
  • ECES Strategy (“Our Strategy”) presents the key approaches that permeates ECES’ work;
  • ECES activities (“Our Key Activities”) provide an overview of the broad set of actions that ECES delivers, tailored to identified needs of various sorts; 
  • Geographical experience and coverage of ECES and its personnel (“Where We Work”) show the wealth of experience and expertise in delivering electoral support projects from across the globe;
  • ECES’s main projects (“Our Main Projects”) describes of some of the most noteworthy ECES delivered actions and within the framework of its projects;
  • ECES’s capacity building activities (“Capacity Development”) form part of ECES organisational core. This section outlines the courses and the training programmes delivered by ECES both in the framework of its projects and as open enrolment courses;
  • ECES’s Partners (“Our Partners”) details some of the 70 organisations and networks that ECES collaborates with as funding, implementing or strategic partners;
  • ECES’s management, pertaining to the financial, legal, human resources, ICT’s and insurance aspects of our work (“How we work”). This section gives an overview of the professional and transparent management of the organisation, and the collaboration with trusted and long term partners;
  • ECES’s members and personnel (“Who we are”) is about key people who contributed to ECES foundation and those who can be attributed to having contributed to making ECES the successful and recognized actor in the field of election and democracy support it is today;
  • ECES’s and its partners and personnel’s publications (“Our Publications”)  span from training manuals, working papers and academic papers is meant to be a contribution in bridging the practitioner and academician communities. Sharing of knowledge and lesson learned in the electoral support sector is another ECES key priority. 

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