Guide for Political Parties and Independent Candidates Agents

Within the framework of the Project in Support of Enhanced Sustainability, and Electoral Integrity in Afghanistan, the Guide for Political Parties and Independent Candidates Agents has been edited.

The objective of the guide is to ensure an appropriate preparation for political parties and candidates’ agents to enable them to correctly fulfil their mission as agent (monitor) at the polling station which will contribute to the integrity of the Afghan electoral process.

Specifically, the Guide should:

  • Help you understand your roles, rights, and obligations as an AGENT/Monitor
  • Help you learn the code of conduct for AGENTS of political parties and individual candidates
  • Go through electoral offenses, disciplinary measures, and crimes
  • Help you understand the role of IEC staff and other electoral stakeholders at the polling station (ECC,  observers, agents of other parties or independent candidates, media, security forces) present on e-day
  • Help you understand opening, voting and closing and counting procedures of e-day
  • Introduce you the new Biometric Verification to the new IEC amendment to Polling and counting
  • procedures
  • Show complaints and challenges and the role of ECC
  • Show you how the Results forms looks and all the elements within
  • Give you background information about the Wolesi Jirga and the 2018 elections
  • Give you some tips to prepare before e-day, and to monitor and report on Election day.

The guide exists in English, Dari, and Pashto.