PROSES Project Outline

The European Union funded Project in Support of Enhanced Sustainability and Electoral Integrity in Afghanistan (PROSES) was crafted as a response to the identified needs in the EU Exceptional Assistance Measure on Support to electoral institutions in Afghanistan. The European Centre for Electoral Support is implementing this project on behalf of the EU that will last for 18 months for 3.5 million EURO from the Instrument contribution to Peace and Stability. 

The activities will be implemented in support of the upcoming Afghan electoral cycle including the Parliamentary and District elections set for October 2018 and Presidential and Provincial elections set for April 2019. The project will address the persisting vulnerabilities of electoral integrity inherited from previous electoral cycles

The overall objective of the programme is to foster more credible elections in Afghanistan, marked by reduced vulnerabilities to electoral integrity:

  • Electoral integrity vulnerabilities proactively identified and reduced through administrative planning and action;
  • Increased capacity of electoral stakeholders to apply evidence-based and effective leadership approaches to the conduct of elections and to the adjudication of election disputes;
  • Measures contributing to the accountability and inclusivity of political and electoral processes through the broad participation of relevant electoral stakeholders with specific emphasis on women.

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