Lead Training and Capacity Building for Police Officers

The LEAD training was contextualized for police commanders. The first two days were focused on the essentials of leadership led by the Go Innovation team. The third day was focused on the electoral cycle, VUCA, and electoral legal systems and the role and experience of the police with electoral security and electoral offences investigation. Presentations, discussions, and exercises were part of each topic.

The objective of the training was To build the leadership capacity of the police institution in managing election related conflicts and to contribute to the acceptance of election results.

The trainings were very dynamic and well received by the officers as they have exhibited high levels of leadership experience and they have considered the LEAD training as a new paradigm in understanding modern day leadership, especially in the context of election related conflict prevention, mitigation and management. They have also appreciated the organization and methodology of the training. They have further commended the work of ECES for the initiatives to build the capacity of the police which is often neglected by international partners.

Challenge in implementing the activities: As the participants were high level officials, ECES had to accommodate the drivers and security personnel accommodating the participants. The implication was not only on the financial burden but also the administrative challenge to set up the trainings with a lot of discussions and back and forth before reaching agreement.