Lead Training for CECOE Member

Representatives from member organizations of the coalition of Ethiopian Civil Society Organizations for Elections – CECOE attended a three-day LEAD training from November 21–23, 2022, organized by the European Centre for Electoral Support in the city of Arbaminch.

37 participants from the Gamo, Goffa, South Omo, Konso, Wolaiyta, and Gedeo zones, as well as Basketo, Amaro, Burji, Ali, and Der attended this three-day capacity-building workshop. Participants were drawn from various member CSOs of CECOE; such as traditional and religious leaders, regional interreligious councils, youth councils, women's associations, and regional Civil Society Organizations that will be deployed as mediators toward electoral conflict resolution missions during the upcoming referendum.

The workshop began with an introduction to leadership and ended with transparency, conflict prevention strategies, negotiation and mediation in electoral processes on the third day. Participants were able to acquire insight into how they as leaders can successfully lead change, development, and transformation for a sustainable democracy by integrating leadership skills into the electoral context.

This workshop was held with the contributions of the Royal Embassy of Denmark and Irish Aid as part of the Electoral Support to CECOE. Its goal is to address the fundamental leadership and conflict management skills required for civil society leaders aiming to positively influence public discourse, intercommunity relations, and mitigate election-related conflict in Ethiopia.