LEAD Training - Sululta

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia's staff members attended a three-day lead training from November 4–6, 2022, organized by the European Centre for Electoral Support in the town of Sululta.

This training aimed to hone staff members' existing skills so they could identify issues, come up with solutions, and manage challenges that arose in an electoral cycle. Staff members took part in a variety of team-building exercises that improved their communication and leadership skills. They also completed experiential exercises that helped them with goal expectations, creating plans, and organizing their teams to achieve those goals. These exercises attempted to promote improved collaboration, quicker decision-making, and a more unified workforce.

This LEAD Training was implemented as part of the EURECS- Ethiopia Project, which is centered on three main result areas: enhancing NEBE's leadership and strategic management capabilities; strengthening NEBE's core institutional capacities; and enhancing NEBE's relationships with different stakeholders, leading to a more inclusive electoral process. It intends to leave behind durable tools and capabilities for Ethiopia's long-term democratic sustainability.