National CSOs Week Ethiopia

Civil society organizations are crucial to a country's effort to develop a democratic system. They actively engage in protecting collective interests, increasing government accountability, providing opportunities for solidarity, and promoting political participation.

A National CSOs Week event with the theme "Proactive CSOs for Peace and Development" was held by the Ethiopian Civil Society Organizations Council (ESCO) in collaboration with the Authority for Civil Society Organizations (ACSO). The event's goal was to highlight the contribution of CSOs to the advancement of the economy, democracy, and good governance, as well as the assistance of IDPs and peace and security in the nation.

The European Centre for Electoral Support is pleased to have supported the coalition of Ethiopian civil society organizations for elections during the national CSOs week event held from June 29 – July 1, 2022. Partaking in the National CSOs week was a great opportunity for CECOE to strongly promote itself and its members.

CECOE showcased the outputs of its election-related activities at the event.  The media monitoring unit, reports, various publications, and the election day situation room are a few of the outputs that were on display.