NEBE Assessment of CVE

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia – NEBE conducted an assessment of Civic & Voter Education activities for the first round of the 6th national election at the Hilton in Addis Ababa on August 23rd, 2021.


This event was organized to assess Voter Education activities in terms of their effectiveness and appropriateness; List out and document the challenges and opportunities that has impacted the outcome for future reference and institutional memory; and propose a way forward to improve and enhance NEBE’s, Civil Society Organization’s, and the Media’s Civic & Voter Education activities for the second round of the election, for the post-election period and for future elections in general.


After an opening speech by the Deputy Chair of the Board, and introduction of the agenda by the organizers, The NEBE CVE department presented a summary of major activities conducted, the budget invested, and main outcomes achieved in the process.


With the aim of an enhanced liaison NEBE-External groups/stakeholders for an inclusive and responsive electoral process, this activity was implemented within the context of the EURECS – Ethiopia project.