NEBE LEAD Training

A Leadership and Conflict Management Skills for Electoral stakeholders- LEAD is being held from September 3rd to 8th in Arbaminch city. 23 participants from the NEBE board, secretariat, and department heads from offices including Legal, Political Parties, External Relations, Communications, CVE, Operations, Logistics, Finance, HR, Gender, and Administration as well as the NEBE Secretariat Office.

The innovative training program LEAD helps electoral stakeholders grow their long-term leadership skills. It aims to empower them with decision making expertise and an in-depth knowledge of conflict management throughout the electoral cycle.

The LEAD program is built around the core values of inclusiveness and the exchange of specific experience and knowledge between electoral stakeholders. LEAD is designed for representatives of Electoral Management Bodies, civil society, NGOs, political parties, bodies entrusted with electoral justice, academics, security forces, the media and media regulatory bodies.