NEBE Lesson Learned Meeting


The European Centre for Electoral Support under the European Response to Electoral Cycle Support – EURECS Ethiopia Project, is supporting the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia to carry out ‘Lessons Learned’ exercise activities.
The activities pursued under this operational support are aimed at achieving the following objectives,
Support NEBE, in collaboration with other partners(IFES and UNDP), in liaising with various stakeholders; political parties, CSOs community, media, partners, election security task force, the judiciary, and other government offices and organize workshops, round table discussions, and other events aimed at facilitating the lessons learning exercise to be undertaken with the main expectations that it would create an opportunity for the Board, the Secretariat, and Regional Offices to collectively reflect on the success and challenges of:

  • The 2021 legislative elections.
  • The institutional reform process undertaken by NEBE between 2019 and 2021
  • The evolution of the broader electoral environment in Ethiopia
  • Partnership arrangements supporting the Board to execute its mandate
  • Provide technical support to the NEBE and the International Consultant Team in their programmatic and logistical needs essential to implementing the exercise.
  • Contribute in programming and implementation of various events as a member of the lessons learning exercise secretariat team

The 'Lessons Learned' activities will take place from January to April 2022 within the context of the EURECS – Ethiopia project, funded by the EU and Germany.