NEBE voters list digitalisation

The European Center for Electoral Support (ECES) supported the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) in the digitalisation process of the voter roll. ECES contracted 200 data entry clerk who worked for 3 months to enter the data contained in the voter registration book. The pilot voters list digitalisation project has been completed successfully with data entry of 2,453,185 records for 2581 polling stations from all the constituency of Ethiopia, which is a representative percentage of the voters.
The pilot digitalisation will allow the NEBE to generate and verify sample electoral data points (including detailed voter demographics by polling station, constituency, and region) that are not currently accessible due to the paper-based nature of the information. This data can inform the NEBE’s development of targeted civic and voter education efforts for people with disabilities (PWDs), women, and minority populations based on their geographic locations. In particular, NEBE could analyse sample-based trends of which demographics of registered voters did and did not arrive to cast a ballot and could structure get out the vote (GOTV) initiatives accordingly.