Orientation Workshop

ECES supported a 2- day orientation workshop on voter education activities for participants drawn from 9 civil society organizations that are part of the Coalition of Ethiopian Civil Society Organizations for elections – CECOE; and collaborating closely with the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia – NEBE in conducting civic and voter education in all areas where referendum voting will be taking place.

This workshop aimed to provide a clear understanding of the ECES financial procedures when they are implementing their activities, to create an understanding of the expectations of NEBE from voter education activities, to create a common understanding among the selected CSOs on the overall approach of the voter education implementation process, and to refine the project proposals of the selected CSOs.

This workshop was held from November 16–17, 2022, at the Hub Hotel with the contributions of the Royal Embassy of Denmark and Irish Aid as part of the ‘ECES Sub-Granting Scheme to CECOE’.