Training of NEBE's Lead Trainers

Training of The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia’s Lead Trainers

Preparations for the upcoming referendum are underway! A two-day training of lead trainers on voter registration, election day, and tabulation was held at the ECES- Ethiopia office.

Under the EURECS – Ethiopia project, ECES is assisting NEBE's training department in delivering voter registration and referendum voting-related trainings for poll workers. In this context, the primary objective of the training is to equip NEBE's election officers with the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out the upcoming referendum in Southern Ethiopia. This includes preparing them for deployment at various levels of field offices, such as Referendum coordination centers, Tabulation centers, and Polling Stations.

Facilitated by a group of experts from NEBE, ECES, and IFES, the voter registration, Referendum voting, and tabulation trainings were held in Addis Ababa on November 29 and 30, 2022 for the Lead Trainers and will be cascaded to 26 training centers in several rounds; Aiming to reach a total of 18,750 poll workers, 938 field trainers, 33 experts to be deployed for tabulation, and 11 coordination office heads.