Youth & Politics - Salt

Salt’s youth discuss political, economic participation with officials


BAQA’A, April 20th, 2019 - The ‘EU Support to Jordanian Democratic Institutions and Development – EU-JDID’ programme organised a workshop on Saturday, April 20th at the Committee of Baqa’a Services, under the title ‘‘Youth Political and Economic Participation in Salt Govenorate’’.


Held in cooperation with the Parliamentary Youth and Sports Committee, the Decentralisation Committee and local authorities, the event saw the attendance of over 100 local youth aged between 16 and 25 years old, who discussed a variety of topics related to political participation, unemployment and economic opportunities in the Salt Governorate.


Voicing his appreciation for the large attendance to the event, Head of the Baqa’a Services Committee, Waleed Abdel Rahman said ‘‘we greatly appreciate the cooperation between the EU-JDID and the Youth and Sports Committee in holding these workshops for the local youth.’’


‘Young people are our hope for creating a better future and the cornerstone of the Jordanian society,’’ stressed MP Mustafa Yagi, from the Youth and Sports Committee, adding that ‘‘it is crucial to enhance the concepts of citizenship and belonging within this group as these two concepts will create a generation able to participate in politics and endure economic hardships.’’


Supporting these remarks, MP Jamal Gamo emphasised the need to raise youth’s awareness of the role of the House of Representatives (HoR) and of the legislative and executive authorities. ‘‘A better future for Jordan depends solely on the awareness of the youth and their participation in political, social and volunteer work.’’


Participants then partook in group discussions before expressing their concerns and hopes for the future, emphasising the need to better include youth in the political party system.

‘‘We, as youth, do not have trust in the political parties’ abilities and the system in Jordan does not give those parties the right role in politics,’’ stated participant Ahmad Al Qaisi, highlighting the importance to provide youth with sessions to increase their awareness in the political system.


Requests from the attending youth included scheduling a meeting with the HoR to discuss the role of national institutions in Jordanians’ daily life; setting up monthly meetings in the Kingdom’s governorates.

Topics also included economic opportunties and ways to decrease youth poverty and unemployment.


‘‘We need to create more job opportunities in fields that youth graduate from, such as accounting and IT,’’ Abdelrahman Jarwan noted, an argument supported by Taqwa Al Ghananim, who called for the opening of new specialisations within Jordanian universities.


‘‘Wasda is still too present in Jordan, hindering our opportunities as youth. Every young person should be given equal opportunities, regardless of his/her background or connection,’’ the young woman added.


The workshop came as part of a series of twelve sessions aimed at enhancing youth’s involvement in politics, which are being conducted across the Kingdom throughout the year.