♀ in Politics: Serbian experience

The EU-JDID launches support for the female and male MPs who serve in the Women and Family Affairs Committee and the Women Parliamentary Caucus of the Jordanian House of Representatives.


We are proud to welcome the Deputy Speaker of the Serbian National Assembly, Ms. Gordana Čomić, who is taking part in the Seminar for Committee on Women and Family Affairs and Women Caucus of Jordan's House of Representatives.


EU-JDID strongly supports the female and male MPS who serve in this committee, and the one-day seminar aimed at enhancing women political participation.


The event was opened by welcome addresses from Dr. Reem Abu Dalbouh, Chairwoman of the #Women and #Family Affairs Committee, and Dr. Sabah AL-Sha’ar, Coordinator of the Women Parliamentary Caucus.


Ms Čomić then shared her experience as a woman in #politics and spoke about her journey to become Deputy Speaker, including the challenges and opportunities she encountered on that path.


She elaborated on the need for cross-party cooperation between female MPs, and how to successfully cooperate as female MPs with civil society.


Together with Ms. Samar Haj Hasan, Member of the Independent Election Commission (Iecjo Jordan), the Deputy Speaker addressed the challenge of boosting women political participation as candidates in elections, the use of special quota, reserved seats, and campaigning as female candidate.