16th Electoral Symposium

Within the context of the activities of the Project component ‘Electoral Assistance’, representatives of EU-JDID, the European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES) and Independent Election Commission of Jordan (IEC) attended the 16th International Electoral Affairs Symposium organised in Troia (Lisbon), Portugal, from 28th to 31st of May 2018. The event was by the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies (ICPS) in partnership with The National Electoral Commission of Portugal (CNE).
HE. Dr. Khaled Kalaldeh, Chairman of the IEC, José Manuel Pinto Teixeira, EU-JDID Programme Coordinator and ECES Vice President, Fabio Bargiacchi, ECES Executive Director and Aous Qutaishat, EU-JDID Senior Project Adviser, joined the international electoral democracy community to share best practices, assess new technologies and tools, and develop innovative strategies that can then be put into practice in their respective countries and regions. The activities of the symposium ranged from interactive presentations, workshops, round-table discussions to the presentation of case studies by the experts.
In particular, the event allowed to address the following topics: 
Current and Future Electoral Technologies
Youth Voter Participation
Elections and Disabilities
Gender Equality and Political Empowerment of Women
Building transparency and accountability in elections
The impact of training in the electoral process
Biometric - enrollment, identification & verification solutions
The value of the vote - equality in the value of votes
Security seals, labels, indelible ink and ballots for elections
The 16th symposium comes in continuation to the 15th International Electoral Symposium, which was organised by ICPS, IEC and ECES within the context of the EU-funded project EU-JDID. The 15th International Electoral Symposium, which took place for the 1st time in Middle East, hailed a great success and brought together more than 200 participants coming from over 50 different countries.
In order to review the topics explored and further details of this symposium, please refer to the ICPS page, and the event programme