Engagement with Youth

Prime Minister and his Ministerial Team Engage with Local Youth 


As part of building democracy, the Prime Minister along with his ministerial team conducted a meeting with 150 selected youth representatives from different governorates in Jordan. The meeting was organised by the Ministry of Youth and took place in Al Hussein Youth City. The meeting aimed at listening to youth voices, addressing the challenges they face and help solve their problems.


Three participants of the annual Young Political and Civic Actors Training Program (2017-2018) were selected to take part in the meeting: Hamzeh Hyassat, Rand Muhammad and Ahmad Ghraiz. Having been trained on communication skills and speech delivery, Hamzeh Hyassat among his peers was chosen to represent the youth from Balqa Governorate and speak on their behalf. Hyassat spoke on the economic challenges currently facing the country, providing accurate statistics on budget deficit and other relevant data, which was part of the training the youth received in analysing data and using convincing arguments in influencing public opinion.  


Rand Muhammad and Ahmad Ghraiz attended the meeting and contributed with different ideas and thoughts regarding the importance of engaging youth in politics. Their valuable ideas were shared with the ministers during a lunch break that was held after the meeting.


During the meeting, HE Minister Musa Maytaah spoke on the role of the government in creating an encouraging environment for political parties to flourish and increasing youth political participation. HE Minister Musa spotted light on the laws that have been endorsed during the past years which aimed at increasing the citizen’s political participation; as the Elections Law, the Decentralization Law, Municipalities Law and the Political Parties Law. HE also mentioned and highlighted that the Ministry is in the process of issuing a new by-law on State Subsidies to Political Parties. EU Support to Jordanian Democratic Institutions & Development’ Programme (EU-JDID) supported the Ministry in facilitating three workshops with the 47 registered political parties in order to discuss the potential modification of the By-law that regulates state subsidies to political parties.


The annual Young Political and Civic Actors Training Program implemented by the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty within the third component of the Project ‘EU Support to Jordanian Democratic Institutions & Development’ Programme (EU-JDID). The training program has been organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs (MoPPA).