EU EFM to Jordan 2018

The EU deployed an Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in 2016. In December 2016, the EU EOM published a final report assessing the 2016 election, which included a set of recommendations meant as a tool to enhance future electoral processes.

This Election Follow-up Mission (EU EFM), the first to be deployed to the country, was led by Mr. Jo Leinen, Member of the European Parliament, who served as Chief Observer of the EU EOM 2016. The main objective of this mission was to assess the progress made in electoral reforms since the delivery of the final report in 2016, to discuss areas where further progress could be made and offer further EU assistance in this endeavour.

The EU EFM has met a wide range of Jordanian and international stakeholders, members of the Government of Jordan, members of Parliament, political parties, representatives of civil society and the Independent Electoral Commission. 


In its final report, the EU EOM stated that the Jordanian elections had been well-administered and inclusive overall. However, several deficiencies and areas requiring improvement were highlighted, principally related to the right to participate in the elections, the equality of the vote and the lack of fairness in media coverage. In addition, it detailed several technical issues related to the administration of the elections.

The final report offered a set of recommendations for the consideration of authorities and other stakeholders in Jordan. The recommendations, based on regional and international obligations undertaken by Jordan, have the aim of enhancing the credibility of future electoral processes through increased inclusiveness and participation, in particular of youth. The importance of increasing the role of women in the political scene was also highlighted. 


Mr. Leinen, the Chief of Mission, said "2 years after the 2016 election, it is for the Jordanian authorities to prioritise the aspects of the electoral framework which merit further attention and address citizens' interests. In this respect, we encourage all the stakeholders, in particular the IEC, to propose timely changes so the amendments can be finalised well in advance of the next election. This will help the population and all other stakeholders to become familiar with the revised election law and participate in the democratic life of their country. Active involvement of young Jordanians will also be very important. 

The EU is eager and ready to engage in close cooperation to contribute to the strengthening of the electoral process in Jordan and its democratic insitutions with a view to deliver inclusive, transparent and credible polls.