JMI Seminar

Yesterday, CFImedias and the Jordan Media Institute hosted their 5th seminar in a series of discussions on current affairs in Jordan.


The event witnessed the participation of former Prime Minister Mr. Abdul Raouf Al-Rawabdeh who talked about political participation, elections and the media in Jordan and the Arab world, along with Dr. Sabri Rabihat.

Some 35 JMI students and journalists were invited and attended according to the best social distancing rules.


Mr Al-Rawabdeh discussed the pivotal role of Jordan in the region, saying "Jordan had to face the challenges of its geographical location and build alliances with the regional countries to be able to face political difficulties.The Kingdom has faced a historic challenge, and had to carve it its own historical identity within the region."


He reviewed the current state of democracy, noting "democracy is an element of power for the Jordanian state; it is a method of government, not an ideology, and it has taken root over time."

"Political parties are the basis of this political participation. Jordan needs dynamic, democratic political parties that accept each other and are able to present their ideas at the service of society."


In response to students' questions, the former PM noted "Change begins with who we are, and we have to choose who represents us according to their programme and vision. Young people must create a new party movement and political organisations that are able to fulfill their desires."