Online Journalism Training


Despite the pandemic, EU-JDID, through its Support to Media component implemented by CFIMedias, has continued to deliver training sessions and support to journalists and media people across the Kingdom.



 Throughout May and June, it delivered a series of 5-day political journalism training, aimed at around 10 journalists per session. The journalists attended the training for 2 hours a day, from the safety of their home through the WebEx meetings platform.


Trainings have been delivered by Mrs Randa Habib, our Senior Political Journalism Expert, and overseen by Mrs Hana Khateeb, National Media Expert and Local Coordinator.

The training are aimed at journalists and newly graduates, as CFI Medias strives to train graduates of media colleges to provide them with concrete expertise and professionalism skills before they enter the labour market.





Some of the testimonies from the participants include:



 Ahnaf Abu Al Asal, who said: "I greatly benefited from this training, and it helped me by adhering to the professional rules that were emphasised on the course and evoking the practical examples mentioned by professor Randa Habib during her busy career in the Middle East."




Another participating woman stated: "After taking all the training skills and advice of Randa, I decided to take advantage of all the skills and build my own business"




" After the training, colleagues have become highly dependent on me in the editing process, because of their confidence in the amount of sufficient capacity that I have in obtaining the correct information and writing it in the form of an interesting and interesting news story", stated another journalist