Parliament through Time 2

Interested to learn about parliamentary history and parliamentary life this holiday season?


We have prepared a holiday treat for those interested to learn about politics and political institutions, with a sprinkle of history flavour!


The “Parliament through time” podcast will give you an insight into certain key topics to enhance your understanding of parliamentary life, including how the parliaments came to existence and how the first parliaments used to work.

It will ask questions such as "How the institution thrived in time of difficulties and crisis, as well how it developed to become central democratic institution?"

"What lessons we have learned from the past events, and how these lessons learned can be applied to today’s practices?"

And many more…


The podcast will be aired for six weeks each Tuesday, starting with 29 December.

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About Parliament through Time


"Parliament through time” podcast investigates the origins, development and current practices of the institution of parliament in Europe and the Middle East.

The podcast explores how parliaments came to existence and how the first parliaments used to work, how the institution thrived in times of difficulties and crisis, and how it developed to become a central democratic institution of modern age.


It will ask questions on lessons learned from the past events, and sheds more light on how to apply these lessons in today’s practices.

Each episode deals with a specific topic important to our understating of parliamentary life:

  • E1: Origins of parliament and parliamentarism: how the institution was born?
  • E2: The rise of parliamentary powers and the crisis of expectations from parliaments in Europe in 19th and 20th century
  • E3: The start of parliamentary development in the Middle East and the Arab World
  • E4: Restoration of parliamentary democracy in Central and Eastern Europe after the fall of communism
  • E5: Parliaments in the Middle East and North Africa after the Arab Spring
  • E6: Parliaments in crisis: checks and balances in emergency situations

The podcast’s journey through parliamentary history and contemporary practices, and comparative perspective it offers, aims to bring the notion of parliament, its development, roles and functions, closer to citizens.

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