Podcast Launch

EU-JDID is proud to announce the launch of its brand new podcast "Parliament Through Time", created by Component 1 - Parliamentary Assistance.


Interested to learn about parliamentary history and parliamentary life this summer?


“Parliament through time” is a weekly podcast about the origins, development and current practices of the institution of parliament in Europe and the Middle East.


Each episode will deal with a specific topic important to our understating of parliamentary life. We will address questions on how the parliaments came to existence and how the first parliaments used to work.


How did the institution thrive in time of difficulties and crisis? How did it develop to become a central democratic institution?

What lessons did we learn from the past events, and how can these lessons learned be applied in today’s practices?

And more…


You can find the podcast on Spotify  and Deezer.


The podcast will be aired each Monday for 6 weeks, starting tomorrow Monday 27 July.

Don't forget to tune in !