Political Journalism Training


Participants in our 9th training on political journalism express their happiness after receiving the advice and professional guidance of CFI trainer Randa Habib.


“I learnt a lot. The written material I already knew, but AFP News Agency legend and former director of Amnesty International, Randa Habib, taught me everything I didn’t know,” says Abdul Rahman Bazian, editor and reporter at The Jordan Times.


“Thanks to EU JDID for the chance to attend this life and career enriching political journalism workshop at the Jordan Media Institute. It was a pleasure.”


Rania Al Nimer, a reporter and producer with 15 years of experience at MBC, adds “I believe a human being is in a constant learning process up until he/she dies. This is especially true for journalists as things are constantly changing in the news industry.”


Along with 9 fellow journalists from various print and audio-visual local media, Rania and Abdul Rahman took part in an intensive five-day training course, which covered ethics of media, self-censorship and technical aspects of conducting a political interviews, among other topics.


“I give them tips to allow them to grow in this industry. Whether it is about tackling day-to-day difficulties in an industry in crisis, or learning practical tools to conduct a good interview with an official, I aim to help them gain the confidence they need to excel at what they are passionate about,” the CFI trainer said.


In 2019, the CFI will hold eight sessions of five days throughout the year.