Financial Bylaw Talks

EU-JDID’s Support to Political Party System Component –implemented by NIMD-, in collaboration with the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, held a two-day event aimed at encouraging political parties to participate in the upcoming elections under their partisan umbrella.


The event, which was held under the patronage of MoPPA Minister Eng. Musa Maaytah, also sought to support the parties in best benefiting from the new financing bylaw for political parties.


The two-day discussion platform between political parties and key representatives of MoPPA further aimed to answer or clarify any issues that political parties may have with regards to the new financing bylaw.


In his opening statement, the minister stressed the importance of political parties, noting that they are “the basis on which the elections must be held”, encouraging parties to play “their great role in encouraging citizens to participate in elections”.


He cited the activities of the ministry’s campaign "Your Voice Your Future" which seeks to encourage parties to form lists and coalitions to yield a positive impact on society through the electoral process.


The minister also emphasised the role of Parliament in the legislative and oversight process, in addition to the importance of parliamentary committees in discussing laws and issues of importance to the Jordanian society.


Mayaatah called on research centres and civil society organisations to monitor the number of committees' meetings, their role and the issues and laws discussed within each committee.