The Voters’ Lists

The IEC initiated the update of the Voters’ Lists

Mr. Jihad Momani, the Independent Election Commission’s (IEC) Media Spokesman announced that the IEC has started the periodic update of the voters' lists in cooperation with the concerned official authorities.  The IEC started this update in accordance to the relevant laws and regulations including the Commission's law, electoral laws, municipalities and provincial councils law, in coordination with the Civil Status and Passports Department, in order to have an accurate and systematic records that are updated on periodic basis.


The process of updating the voters’ lists is carried out in coordination and cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, the relevant courts, the Department of the Chief Justice, various security services and the armed forces.   The IEC requested the concerned authorities to provide the Civil Status Department with all the latest information regarding new voters or those who does not meet the electoral eligibility criteria.  


The update of voter lists according to the election law, municipal law and decentralization law is very similar.  This update is being conducting periodically since the election law stipulates that the update should be conducted at least once a year, while the IEC is updating the voters’ lists twice a year.


The process of updating the voters’ lists should be completed by the 5th of February 2018, pending that all information is submitted to the Department of Civil Status and Passports from the concerned authorities by the 25th of January 2018.


The periodic update aims to maintain a precise and comprehensive electoral records to ensure the readiness of the IEC for any electoral process within the specified timeframe and to avoid the pressure of updating the records during the electoral seasons, thus enhancing the role of the IEC in supervising the preparation of electoral records and voter lists during the electoral processes.


The process of updating voters’ lists includes the addition of new voters who have reached the legal age of voting or who are eligible to vote, as well as the names of persons who have been sentenced or who have lost their electoral eligibility.