Training Sessions

First Training Session for Young Political Party Members  and Civic and Political Actors 

In cooperation with the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, the ‘EU Support to Jordanian Democratic Institutions & Development: EUJDID’ project organised the first training session addressing young political party members and civil and political actors on 29 November. The training session brought together young political party members and political and civil actors from different parts of the Kingdom as mentioned in the report. The young participants received training by seasoned political expert and local trainer, Dr Ahmad Al Jribia, who delivered an informative, entertaining, an engaging introductory session to democratic principles and the role of political parties.


The overall objective of the training course, which will run over 10 months, is to strengthen the capacities of political parties and political actors in communicating their ideas and positions to their peers and influencing the latter’s opinions. Political parties play an essential role in shaping public opinion and garnering support for certain causes, positions, or petitions. The ability for political party members and political and civic actors to connect with the society and communicate with its different components is a key element for effective public outreach. Click to check the full report.