Young Civic Actors Training


The Support to Political Party System component of EU-JDID organised the second round of training for young political and civic actors in Jordan, with a focus on ‘Political Parties and Human Rights’.


Around 55 students (including 21 females) aged between 18 and 30 years old represented 22 political parties out of the Kingdom’s 48 licensed parties.


In his inaugurating remarks, Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, H.E. Eng. Musa Maaytah, urged an audience of 55 young political actors to “form partisan movements representing the various interests of Jordanian citizens to lead the parliamentary government based on pluralism.”
“His Majesty King Abdullah’s Discussion Papers are the basis for our development of partisan and parliamentary life and the ministry attaches great importance to the development of relations between young people and political parties because of the importance of youth engagement in partisan life,” Maaytah said.


“The importance of the training programme lies in its ability to instill in the youth a sense of citizenship and an avenue to express their views especially among partisan youth members,” the project’s technical advisor, Aseel Sha’ban said.


The Minister stressed the need for more effective youth participation, especially in partisan leadership and in Parliament.



This training is part of EU JDID’s efforts to strengthen the capacities of young political and civic actors to engage in political processes and enhance their communication skills.
Two of a series of 10 sessions have already been held on a monthly basis.