Peace Forum


On the 19th and 20th of July, in Naivasha, the Peace Conversational Forum brought together peace and security actors from the Kenya National Dialogue Forum (KNDF) platform and beyond.

We aim to address emerging peace and security issues across the country and discuss the crucial role of peace actors.

Additionally, we are exploring the potential of holding an annual Peace Week, fostering dialogue, and facilitating joint planning to address the evolving conflict dynamics in Kenya.

We have identified 43 participants for the peace conversations, including 30 representatives from partner organizations, 10 participants from NCIC members of KNDF, and 3 participants from ECES.

Together, we will work towards the following objectives:

  • Strengthen collaboration and coordination among national and county-level peace and security actors; Discuss emerging peace and security issues, identifying areas where collective action is needed; and Explore the feasibility of organizing an annual Peace Week.
  • As we engage in these conversations, we anticipate the positive outcomes:
  • Effective collaboration of peace and security actors at national and sub-national levels, responding to conflicts with greater unity; Identifying emerging peace and security issues that allow peace actors to designate appropriate leaders for addressing each concern; and The development of a comprehensive work plan and budget for the Peace Week, ensuring its successful implementation.