Peace Meeting

On the 6th of July we convened a one-day peace meeting in Nairobi County, where leaders and dedicated members from 11 peace committees came together.

During this impactful gathering, we engaged in insightful discussions about the strategies employed by these peace committees to promote harmony within their communities.  Together, we explored various approaches and developed a comprehensive set of best practices to create a peaceful society.

One of the key outcomes of this meeting is the upcoming release of a policy brief.  This document will serve as a valuable resource, sharing the best practices discovered, which can be implemented by other peace actors striving for positive change. By leveraging these strategies, we can inspire lasting peace beyond the boundaries of Nairobi County.

The objectives of the meeting were as follows:

  • Facilitate interaction between Nairobi County's District Peace Committees (DPCs) and the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC), creating a platform for mutual exchange.
  • Gain insights into the effective strategies employed by the DPCs to foster peace within their communities and beyond.
  • Share the invaluable best practices identified during our discussions, aiming to empower individuals and organizations involved in peacebuilding.
  • Establish a collaborative space for consultation, coordination, and joint efforts between DPCs and the NCIC.