PEV - EDI Nigeria Project Award

ECES is glad to announce the signature for the project “Preventing Election Violence & Education for Inclusion (PEV-EDI)”, funded by the Embassy of Germany at a value of 337,830 EUR.

The agreement was signed by Volker Timmerman, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Germany, Brussels and Fabio Bargiacchi, Executive Director, ECES.


The goal of the project is to contribute to the successful conduct of the 2019 Nigerian general elections through intensive voter education on violence prevention and mitigation and inclusive participation in the electoral process. The project will also serve to prevent potential election related crises.


The specific objectives of the PEV-EDI include:

a) Promoting the participation of women, youth, and other marginalized groups in the electoral process;

b) Supporting INEC civic and voter education to boost the involvement of women, youth, PWDs and IDPs in the electoral process. This will be done through the implementation of activities aimed at sensitizing these target groups on the need to collect their PVCs and cast their vote in the elections and;

c) Enhancing INEC’s collaboration with relevant Civil Society Organisations to further promote non-violence in the electoral process, including by delivering peace messages and engaging stakeholders and social media users in civic and voter education.


The project’s expected outcomes are:

a) Increased INEC’s capacity to educate the general public on the conduct of the 2019 elections;

b) Commitment and support of stakeholders for the successful conduct of the upcoming elections;

And c) Participation of women, youth and PWDs in the electoral process improved.


In addition to its direct target beneficiaries, the project will also have a positive impact on a wide range of stakeholders acknowledging that, despite being perpetrated by certain segments of society, electoral violence has a devastating effect on the entire population. Reinforcing electoral knowledge and civic skills among the Nigerian people will help them in becoming key actors to effectively and sustainably prevent such acts in the future


The PEV-EDI will not only contribute to the conduct of credible and peaceful elections in 2019 in Nigeria, but will also generate knowledge and inspirations among grassroots organisations and policy makers that will serve as an example to be replicated in other ECONEC member states.


ECES will draw from its long lasting experience in the implementation of similar projects in post conflict and fragile democracies, particularly PEV I & II SADC, EUFTA and PEV Madagascar.


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