PLAC - Model Legislative Assembly (MLA)

The Model Legislative Assembly (MLA) is a mock plenary legislative session of PLAC’s legislative interns. At the just concluded MLA, which took place on April 23, 2018, the interns deliberated on the Bills that they drafted during their 10-week internship in the National Assembly. They developed 6 (six) Bills that each addressed a major challenge in a each geo-political zone in Nigeria. The MLA brought the 2018 PLAC legislative internship program to a close. The interns have taken a lot away from their stint at the National Assembly; they learnt how to draft an Order Paper, Votes and Proceedings, motions and Bills. A number of them have grown in confidence and have expressed their intention to run for elective positions both at State and National Level. The program helped the 37 young Nigerians realise the need for inclusive and participatory government. With more young people developing this mindset, the future of Nigeria’s democracy is positive.