Dakar, 4 November 2020

A three-day LEAD training titled "Strategy for the prevention of electoral conflicts and mobilisation of young people and people living with a disability" organised by ECES and the DGE (General Direction for Elections) started yesterday in Dakar, Senegal.

The event is bringing together representatives of the electoral management body (DGE), the body in charge of the supervision of the elections (CENA),  young representatives of the civil society and persons with disabilities.

The discussions are organised around the electoral cycle and the role each category is playing in the process, especially on the involvement of young voters and the possible reforms of the legislation with regard to the persons with disabilities.


The event is organised in the frame of the Project in Support of the Electoral Process in the Republic of Senegal (PAPE Senegal) implemented by ECES and funded by the Federal Republic of Germany.