Victoria has a master’s degree in Development Studies from Uppsala University and one bachelor’s degree in International Collaboration and Crisis Management from the National College of Defence in Stockholm, Sweden. Most of her research has been focused on political participation and security in post conflict environments, and more specifically, explored how gender and security have been approached in such an environment by policy makers and the international community, in particular during post conflict reconstruction.

With a solid background in research and project management, Victoria have accumulated vast experience in project coordination, analytical thinking, humanitarian action and security in the midst of complex political and social contexts, mostly in post-conflict countries. Victoria has worked in West Africa, namely in: Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria as well as in the Southern African Region (SADC) and in the Caribbean where she have lived and worked for three years. In sum, she has had to work closely with local counterparts, assessing needs, evaluating capacities as well as coordinating and supervising dynamic and sometimes unpredictable situations in challenging multi-cultural environments in nearly all of her previous professional commitments. Having led research teams she has thus gained experience in supervising, coordinating, supporting and evaluating the work of others. Through the years of experience in stressful environments, Victoria is perfectly able to perform effectively under pressure and in stressful environments.