Victoria is ECES Senior Conflict Management Advisor and Project Director for South Africa and form part of ECES coordination cell that oversees all ECES activities. With a solid academic background from the Department of Government, Development Studies from Uppsala University and International Collaboration and Crisis Management from the National College of Defence in Stockholm, Sweden, Victoria joined ECES in November 2012.

Victorias field of expertise is political phycology and election related conflict and violence. Between 2014 - 2017, Victoria held the position of Election Conflict Management Advisor, she also acted as Project Director of the Project in Support of a Peaceful and Inclusive Electoral Process in Zanzibar – PROPEL that delivered mediation support and political dialogue.

Since mid 2017, Victoria is ECES Senior Conflict Management Advisor. She co-edited a comprehensive handbook on election conflict prevention stemming from 14 countries in southern Africa. She was one of the main authors of ECES and European Partnership for Democracy strategy paper entitled A European Response to Electoral Cycle Support.

Victoria has worked with all electoral stakeholders and provided capacity enhancing training to near 800 individuals, mainly but not only in Southern Africa. Victorias geographical experience ranges from West Africa, the Caribbean and Southern Africa where she has worked for development cooperation programmes mainly funded by the EU and Nordic EU member states for some seven years before joining ECES. Victoria is an accredited Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections training programme (BRIDGE) and an accrediting Leadership and Conflict Management for Electoral Stakeholder (LEAD) facilitator.


Languages: English, Swedish, French.