ECES Mission Ethiopia

From the 3rd  to the 22nd of  December 2018 ECES, on the invitation of the European Union deployed a team of seven experts to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The mission's objective was to formulate a democracy support program that will be eventually funded by the EU by two budget instruments: the European Development Fund -EDF - and the Instrument Contributing to Stability and Peace -ICSP. 


Within the mission scope, the ECES team met and interacted with various stakeholders ranging from Head of Missions and Head of Cooperation of EU Member States, Development partners, other scoping missions (CEPPS and UNDP teams), Government Institutions (Executive and Judiciary), political parties, University community, Social Media, activists, Women & Youth groups, representatives of Media and Civil Society.


ECES is grateful to the European Union for the trust vested in her and partnership built across several countries that have consolidated the gains of sustainable democracies to emerging and developing systems.