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The Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP) is the European Union's main instrument supporting security initiatives and peace-building activities in partner countries focusing as well on crisis management and peacebuilding (i.e. crisis preparedness, crisis response and conflict prevention). 

In this context, the EU is fully funding this project for the "Prevention, Mitigation and Management of Electoral Conflicts and Potential Violence in Ethiopia, PEV Ethiopia" implemented by thEuropean Centre for Electoral Support (ECES) in collaboration with its partners Forum of Federations and GoInnonvation based in Addis Ababa since a decade. 

The project provides support for the establishment of a coalition of like-minded Non-State Actors (NSAs) in order to form a stronger voice in the upcoming electoral process in Ethiopia and play as well a watchdog role. This coalition is called the "Coalition of Ethiopian Civil Society Organizations for Elections (CECOE)", and will be supported by this project in carrying out activities that cumulatively contribute to the prevention of election-related conflicts and potential violence in the run-up to, and following the scheduled 2020 elections.  

The CECOE will be the main delivery mechanism through which the project will implement its activities and as such, CECOE will therefore not only receive capacity building and institutional support but also on-the-job training by planning, implementing and evaluating activities foreseen within this project including via the copyrighted ECES' approaches on the Prevention of Electoral Violence, on the Electoral Political Economy Analyses and on the cascade training curriculum for the "Leadership and Conflict Management Skills for Electoral Stakeholders, LEAD".

The project is built and will be implemented around seven interconnected result areas:

  • Production and dissemination of base-line data, with policy relevance like electoral security threat assessment and electoral political economy analyses
  • Support CECOE and capacitating a wider span of NSAs, in Election Observation;
  • Skills enhancement in leadership and conflict managementmedia monitoring and journalist capacity building essentially but not only for the CECOE coalition;
  • CECOE led election conflict prevention, mitigation and management activities spanning from grassroots conflict coordinators to an informal, flexible mediation group of elders;
  • Capitalizing on existing Early Warning structures and capacitate with electoral conflict prevention capacities while establishing a distinct election conflict Early Earning by merging into what already exists and fill the gaps;
  • CECOE led Election Situation room;
  • Civic and voter education outreach and CECOE-led dialogue with traditional structures exploring the role of youth in pro-peace messaging.
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