One of the founding principles of ECES was to create a Roster of Experts with a proven track record in electoral related fields ready for deployment to implement the project according to EU values and EU procedures. The ECES Roster of Electoral Assistance Experts was established taking into account the accumulation of 20 years of knowledge, experience, and network of the founders of ECES in different EU institutions and international organizations implementing electoral assistance and election observation.

ECES has been providing support to different electoral stakeholders whereby one of the most important added value is its capacity to mobilize rapidly highly qualified expertise through its Roster and to establish specific human resource plans to be agreed with the EU Delegation from the outset of the project formulation. Therefore ECES procedure for the mobilization of expertise is mostly based on the consultation of this Roster and exchanges with donors and beneficiaries to establish the human resource plan for each project.


As concerning the needs in Ethiopia, ECES has already identified all required expertise as well as being able to guarantee availability. The PEV human resource plan is also built-in regards to the upcoming European Development Fund project in support of NEBE which will be beginning at a later stage of the electoral process. Indeed, the Project Management and Advisor Team of this project is built in a way to ensure continuous supervision from ECES HQ and of the  ECES Representative and Senior Electoral Advisor who will be overseeing, on the ground,  from the onset the unfolding of both projects and therefore ensure a coherent and smooth supervisory structure between projects.


Nevertheless, ECES advertises staff vacancies on its website and specific project web sites when new positions are open including for this project in Ethiopia. If experts and personnel for HQ and projects are not found within the Roster, ECES encourages high-level professionals interested in joining our team to submit their spontaneous applications or apply to an open position.


Internships are also offered at ECES HQ and on projects. Junior professionals are encouraged to send their CV and a Letter of Motivation explaining how they would like to contribute to the work of ECES HQ and ECES projects.


The database of ECES Experts is regularly updated throughout the publication of announcements on the Vacancies page of ECES or ECES’s projects’ websites.


Applicants are kindly requested to send their CV and Letter of Motivation to, providing details on their past experiences with special emphasis on their work in the field of electoral support.


All data sent to ECES is managed in accordance with the new Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In the context of our recruitment processes, personal data gathered and archived by ECES includes Name, contact details, and CV.


In cases of cooperation with said individuals, ECES will also collect and archive the following additional information to fulfill its contractual and fiscal obligations: Employment and educational certificates and references; contracts, timesheets, invoices and financial data (including bank details, VAT etc.). In line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, the personal data provided will be handled in the following manner:


CVs are only used for drafting tenders and/or in the context of recruitment processes for grant contacts. The data provided in CVs are only used with the consent of the expert who submitted the application for ECES’s use. Contact details will only be used for contact purposes directly related to professional recruitment and cooperation. All personal data is archived on a secured server that can only be accessed by authorized ECES personnel.

In case you want to change your data, wish your data to be removed from our system or need further information regarding our data management policy, please contact us