For the past 20 years, Scipion has accumulated an extensive track record in the area of elections in technical assistance, observation and assessment missions within the EU, UN, IFES, ERIS, OSCE and various consortiums. Lately, Scipion held several management positions in the field of electoral support to electoral management body mainly in the Middle-East, Northern and Central Africa. He regularly provided training on implementation, operational and security aspects for election observation mission through the NEEDS project or to Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Baltic countries. Prior his involvement in electoral activities, he spent five years working for the UN-DPKO/Field Administration and Logistics Division. In the nineties, Scipion was managing projects with the International Labour Organisation in Cambodia and World Food Programme in Mozambique to support  the demobilisation, reinsertion and reintegration of soldiers. In 1991, he was a consultant at the UN Secretariat in New York at the Investment Management Services for the UN pension fund. He has a diploma in finance from the NYIF in the USA.