Micah Zionce is a Project Officer for ECES. He holds a degree from Dalhousie University in Political Science and Economics. While at university, Micah also founded and was the chairman of the St. George Refugee Relief Comittee, a not for profit whose mission is to help refugees acculturate and succesfully resettle in Canada. Miah was able to secure funding and ultimately settle over 30 UNHCR refugees in Canada, providing them work and housing, along with necessary medical attention and childcare. Micah first became acquanted with ECES and electoral assistance while on a peer exchange program as part of a grant he recieved from the Canada-EU Centre for Excellence. Despite recently finishing school, Micah has a history of working with electoral commissions and systems. He was a Targeted Revisions Officer for Elections Canada, in charge of editing the List of Electors, with an emphasis on fraud prevention. He has also worked for the U.S. State Department and was in charge of the Federal Voting Assistance Program in Ontario, Canada in the lead up to the 2016 Presidential Election. For his work there he recieved the Order of the Blue Jay. 


Micah speaks English, French, and Hebrew, and has a limited knowledge of Russian and Spanish.