Result area 1. Production and Dissemination of base-line data, some with policy relevance


  1. Electoral Political Economy Analyses (EPEA);
  2. Electoral Security Threat Assessment (ESTA);
  3. Policy Recommendation on inclusion in the electoral process by groups facing discrimination and marginalization;
  4. NSA-led mapping of entry points for structured engagements with youth movements and the potential to capitalize on the structures for early warning and pro-peace messaging;
  5. Qualitative sample study on the influence of inter- and intra-party violence and wider civic unrest;
  6. Qualitative study on women’s political participation and representation including a case study on the important role of women’s leadership in Kebele and Mahabre (formal and informal) existing leadership structures.


Result area 2. Establish an NSA-Coalition and capacitating the coalition, and a wider span of NSAa, in Election Observation


  1. Coalition building workshops for NSA’s;
  2. Training for Election Observer groups;
  3. Support to the Ethiopian Civil Society Organization for Election (CECOE).


Result area 3. Skills enhancement in leadership and conflict management, media monitoring and journalist capacity building essentially but not only for the NSA coalition


  1. LEAD trainings for electoral stakeholders highly contextualized to the Ethiopian context including the use of national and international trainers, regional languages, and Ethiopian designs;
  2. Customized private LEAD coaching on election conflict prevention skills for Senior CSO leaders;
  3. Media monitoring activities for CSO’s;
  4. Training for Journalists, independent media and media house owners on conflict-sensitive reports on electoral matters and against hate speeches and fake news;
  5. Trainings for the Civil Society Organisations on EADR;
  6. Trainings for Lawyers representing political parties on utilizing Electoral Dispute Resolution (EDR) and Election Alternative Dispute Resolution (EADR) mechanisms.



Result area 4. NSA-led election conflict prevention, mitigation and management activities spanning from grassroots conflict coordinators to an informal, flexible mediation group of elders


  1. Setting up an alternative election conflict resolution mechanism;
  2. Forming and supporting of an informal Election Mediation Group of Elders;
  3. Monitoring of breaches of the Code of Conduct of political parties and media.


Result area 5. Capitalising on existing early warning structures and capacitate with electoral conflict prevention capacities, while establishing a distinct election conflict early warning, led by the NSA-coalition, by merging into what already exists and fill the gaps 


  1. Early warning and rapid response systems


Result area 6. Election Situation room 


  1. Election Situation Room 


Result area 7. Civic and voter education outreach and NSA-led dialogue with traditional structures exploring the role of youth in pro-peace messaging


  1. Support to CSO’s for Democracy/Civic and Voter and Education;
  2. Dialogue sessions with religious leaders on non-violence messaging led by women and youth;
  3. Dialogue sessions with Traditional leaders on non-violence messaging;
  4. Advisory support and development of communication campaigns through an election conflict prevention lens