EURECS Project


EURECS’ activities are implemented under the overall objective: to contribute to increased transparency and credibility on the electoral process and to instil a higher degree of public trust in the NEBE. These are key conditions for effective electoral management and leadership in Ethiopia over the 2020-2025 electoral cycle.


The specific objectives of EURECS unfold in the following three main areas:


  • Increased leadership and strategic management capacity of NEBE in conducting transparent, accountable, gender-responsive and rights-based electoral processes
  • Improved institutional and technical capacity of NEBE in conducting credible electoral process.
  • Enhanced liaison between NEBE and external stakeholders in favour of an inclusive and responsive electoral process.


PEV Project


The overall objective of the PEV project is to prevent, mitigate and manage conflicts that may arise during the electoral cycle by assisting non-state actors (NSA) in addressing root causes of political and election related violence and conflict.


The specific objectives are distilled into four main strands, namely:


  • Specific objective 1: Enhancing knowledge and develop skills amongst electoral stakeholders, NSA’s a priori, of root causes and appropriate responses to electoral conflict and violence focusing on exclusion and building strategies for inclusion.
  • Specific objective 2: Support the establishment of a CSO platform composed by NSA’s bringing together organisations working towards inclusiveness, tolerance and peace at the grassroots, regional and national level and plug this work into the electoral cycle for a meaningful contribution towards electoral conflict and violence prevention.
  • Specific objective 3: Capacitate NSA’s to revive, coordinate and utilize an early warning network composed by local electoral conflict mediators, managed by a Conflict Coordinator per province;
  • Specific objective 4: Capitalise on networks, platforms and NSA’s with focus on women and youth associations, formal and informal, to craft and disseminate peace messages in a coordinated multi-stakeholder response to a conflict-free electoral process.