Activity cluster 1. Increased electoral capacities for electoral integrity


  • Activity 1.1: Electoral Political Economy Study
  • Activity 1.2: Intensive specific awareness sessions for under-represented electoral stakeholders with influence in the electoral process such as the Attorney General Office and the Supreme Court as well as with security forces and civil servants, among others
  • Activity 1.3: Advisory support to electoral stakeholders to design and implement an electoral integrity plan and set up a multi-stakeholder electoral integrity platform
  • Activity 1.4: Capacitation for political parties on electoral integrity and anti-fraud strategies: identify vulnerabilities and counter-act them by working together with other political parties and electoral stakeholders;
  • Activity 1.5: Advocacy and advisory support to the NUG and elected representatives of the 18 presidential tickets and both and political parties on integrity strategies
  • Activity 1.6: Map existing political party liaison committees (PPLC), assessing previous structures and in terms of the successes and challenges, especially around monitoring ethical breaches of political parties and adhering to democratic principles;
  • Activity 1.7: Pilot PPLCs embedded in the framework of the LEAD workshops, activity 2.5, in view to establish a PPLC at provincial and central level;
  • Activity 1.8: Provide the secretariat for a number of PPLC meetings (tbc based on the outcome of 1.7) (support running costs etc).


Activity cluster 2. Leadership development and EDR 


  • Activity 2.1.     Stakeholders mapping
  • Activity 2.2      Customisation and translation of the LEAD curriculum in readiness to roll-out a tailored capacitation scheme in Kabul and in the provinces;
  • Activity 2.3      Leadership and conflict management training for electoral stakeholders (LEAD) training of trainers (2), central, creating a multi-stakeholder forum
  • Activity 2.4      Leadership and conflict management training for electoral stakeholders (LEAD) cascade training programme (10), provincial. Trainers trained in activity 2.3 supports the provincial cascade to promote multi-stakeholder forums, by and for various stakeholder groups;
  • Activity 2.5      EDR and Electoral Justice intensive workshops to ECC, Attorney General Office and Judiciary      dealing with electoral cases
  • Activity 2.6      Advisory support/coaching for the ECC and the IEC to enhance electoral integrity


Activity cluster 3. Targeted support to domestic observation, media and women


  • Activity 3.1      Advisory support to CSOs specialized in domestic observation to better contribute to electoral integrity
  • Activity 3.2      Training of trainers and provincial cascade to regional domestic observers on electoral integrity
  • Activity 3.3      Training of political party agents on election operations and observation in Kabul and provinces
  • Activity 3.4      Media advisory support and on-the-job training
  • Activity 3.5      Media and media house owners’ workshop to foster electoral integrity
  • Activity 3.6      Electoral trainings for selected media/ journalists
  • Activity 3.7      Multi-stakeholder workshop on the obstacles to women electoral participation
  • Activity 3.8      Training and advisory support to female candidates, offered to all major political parties