ECES envisages a two-pronged management structure of the project, with twinning between Kabul and Brussels. A Project Management Unit (PMU) and its related office has been established in Kabul in the premises of the Green Village in collaboration with the security company Garda World. The PMU will work under supervision of the Brussels office as any other ECES projects. The PMU will be responsible for implementation of all project activities in liaison and following indications of the EU delegation in Kabul and in coordination with all the other electoral assistance providers already present in Afghanistan to avoid duplications and overlap. The PMU will be managed by an internationally recruited Project Director and a Finance-Administration supported by Afghan personnel and experts, plus mid-short or long term electoral experts hired according to activities and budget agreed with the EU. ECES has identified several Afghan experts with robust insight and experience working in the Afghan electoral process. The ratio between national/international experts for the project will be established based on provisions in the contract signed. In addition, following usual practice at ECES, international expertise will be mobilised to ensure sound financial and administrative procedures in line with EU rules and regulations, with financial and system audit to be carried out by external audit companies. This background has allowed a quick start and ease engagement with international and national electoral stakeholders from the onset.