Kenya population is 47,564,296 as per the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) census data 2019 (of which 23,548,056 49.5% were male; 24,014,716 50.4% female; 13,777,600 29% Youth).  In 2017, registered voters were 19,611,423 (10,469,148 53.4% male; 9,142,275 46.6%; 9,930,315 51% youth.


Kenya is a multi-party democracy with a presidential system consisting of a National Government, 47 County Governments, 290 constituencies, 1,450 wards. 


Kenya's Constitution establishes the Presidential Republic in which sovereignty is exercised by the people through democratically elected representatives.  In 2010, as necessitated by the 2007 post-electoral violence, a revised Constitution introduced a number of key changes designed to create a more decentralized political system, particularly with respect to balancing presidential powers and established a new devolved system of 47 local counties, which replaced 8 provinces and 46 districts. 

Since the first multiparty elections in 1992, the electoral integrity in Kenya has been a contentious issue, with a history of elections marred by violence. The open seat presidential elections (1992, 2002, 2013) were relatively more peaceful than the ones when the incumbent sought re-election (1997, 2007, 2017). The 2007 elections are widely considered the most violent in Kenya's democratic history. The post-election violence saw approx. 1,150 killed and over 300,000 displaced.


General Elections are held every 5 years. There are 6 elective positions in Kenya, namely:

  1. The President: This is the Head of State and National Government elected by voters of the Republic of Kenya
  2. Member of National Assembly (MP): Member of Parliament elected to represent a Constituency in the National Assembly
  3. Senator: Member of Parliament elected to represent a County in the Senate
  4. County Woman Member of the National Assembly (County Woman Representative): Female Member of Parliament elected to represent a County in the National Assembly
  5. Governor: The elected Chief Executive of the County Government
  6. Member of the County Assembly (MCA): An elected member representing an electoral Ward in the County Assembly.

The upcoming General Election is scheduled for Tuesday 9th August 2022 as stipulated in the Constitution of Kenya (CoK 2010) Article 101 (1).