The training program "Leadership and Conflict Management Skills for Electoral Stakeholders - LEAD"


The module "Leadership and prevention of electoral conflicts" (LEAD), aims at capacity development at the intersection of leadership and conflict management. It is based on the specific experiences of each participant and the knowledge and exchanges between electoral stakeholders participating in the training. The objective of this specific training methodology is to strengthen the management and leadership abilities of EMBs representatives and improve their conflict management skills while giving them the necessary resources and skills to replicate this training, and ensure the sustainability. This module is a flexible learning tool that can be tailored to the specific context and the target group of participants. LEAD uses adult education techniques. Instead of relying on traditional courses, LEAD is activity-based training focusing on practical solutions and real-time challenges that electoral stakeholders face. The expected results of understanding and learning are clearly identified during workshops, and evaluation criteria are developed to ensure the effective measurement of results. The methodology reflects the fact that people learn more when they are responsible for their own learning process and are involved in relevant and creative training sessions;