Objective 1: Strengthen capacities of peace, cohesion, and electoral stakeholders to prevent conflicts and electoral related violence at the local county and national levels

Result area 1. Conducted conflict mapping and analysis to increase understanding of the underlying causes and drivers of conflicts and election-related violence and identify hot spot areas  Kenya.


Objective 2: Strengthen conflict resolution and peace infrastructures that effectively resolve conflicts and curb electoral related violence

Result area 2. Established and supported conflict prevention and resolution infrastructures to curb conflicts and electoral related violence.


Objective 3: Increase understanding, tolerance, trust, and peaceful co-existence among Kenyans

Result area 3. Conducted innovative peacebuilding outreach and civic, political and voter education before, during and after the General Elections in 2022.


Objective 4: Reduce incidences of electoral violence, hate speech, ethnic contempt in social media and public spaces.

Result area 4. Conducted an integrated media campaign and monitor social media and public spaces to identify and counter hate speech, ethnic contempt and incitement to violence.