To achieve the expected results, the Component 2: Support to the National Assembly (NASS) foresees to implement the following types of activities:


  • Support the recruitment of technical expertise to the Constitution, the NASS and technical advice to the NASS members, including a focus on understanding of electoral frameworks;
  • Provision of direct technical advice to targeted NASS committees for the drafting of laws and technical expertise to the NASS members on specific issues, including a focus on electoral legislation;
  • Organisation of consultative meetings between NASS, INEC and election stakeholders on the electoral reform process;
  • Organisation of workshops and public hearings on amendments to the Constitution and the Electoral Act;
  • Trainings for the House of Representatives Committee on Public Petitions and the Senate Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions in carrying out their madate while ensuring accountability toward citizens;
  • Training on gender budgeting and mainstreaming for female elected officers;
  • Implementation of internship programme placing youths and young professionals in various Committees and Units of the National Assembly.