To achieve the expected results, the Component 3: Support to the political parties and the political party system, foresees to implement the following types of activities:


  • Support to the Political Parties Leadership and Policy Development Centre of the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies to promote strengthening the leadership and organisational capacities of political parties;
  • Training and capacity building for party executives on Election Alternate Dispute Resolution, and for functionaries of political parties on political administration, financial and accountability;
  • Production and dissemination of a New Code of Conduct for Political Parties and support the organisation of  the annual Political Summit, for political parties and other electoral stakeholders to discuss;
  • Strengthening of networks of CSOs that bring women together to enable a gender-based  perspective and response to political conflict and violence;
  • Periodic workshops for Political Parties to strengthen the participation of women, youths and marginalised groups.