To achieve the expected results, the Component 5: Support to Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) foresees to implement the following types of activities:


  • Support platforms and projects to monitor political conflict and violence and management of a system of early warning for preventive action;
  • Support projects to monitor the use of hate speech during the electoral campaign; to monitor political conflict and violence, manage a system of early warning and advocate for preventive action; promotion of regular and periodic National Stakeholders Consultative Forum on peaceful and non-violent election;
  • Suppor for projects coordinating and harmonising CSOs election observation platforms;
  • Support women, youth, PWD, CSOs undertake capacity development initiatives with a focus on monitoring elections, monitoring and advocating for legislative changes; conduct campaign on civic and voter education awareness campaign on electoral and democratic reform issues;
  • Develop civic and voter education materials, content and messaging to reach the maximum number and diversity of voters